Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still missing her

Going through so many transitions these days, the biggest one for me is having Julianna getting married this summer, caused me to look back a bit and miss my Grandma (and Grandpa). Being 50 (!) I can do a bit of looking back AND looking forward, and in the case of Grandma, it's encouraging and inspirational. I enjoy my memories of their farm in Grassy Lake. Usually a summer vacation visit, Christmas time, or some other event. There were always lots of people and of course food around! In the summers, I could scour the tall grass for lost bottles, explore all the cars and trucks, or visit the chickens. I remember "helping" building a big metal building. Grandpa gave me a big magnet and had me troll through the grass and debris for nails and screw that would tumble down. We was quite patient with me. I am still fascinated by the crank telephone on a party line. In later years I would enjoy my first driving experiences there. Too much fun!
I think with a bit of time passing, I continue to be amazed by the love and closeness of the entire family, and wish I could spend a day with everyone (one at a time) to really catch up and renew. The realities of time and distance don't allow that, so for that, we wait for our precious eternity together. I love and thank God for our parents/grandparents/great-grandparents and all of you. Barry.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Winter Of her Life

My Rose from Grandmas Coffin

I don't know if you all saw the plaque I put on Grandmas Coffin but I will describe it for you. I have heard since that people have wondered what my meaning was behind it.
It was a photo that I took awhile back on the farm. It is of a snow drift. Under the photo I wrote a note to Grandma. The drift had two meanings for me.

First: It signified this very winter. She missed it (I am sure to her own joy). Grandma died on the 20th. When the first day of winter this past year started on the 22nd. She didn't even start it.

Second: She died in the winter of her life. She made it to 94 years old. That is a good length of time in this day and age.

I am writting today cause I miss Grandma. And maybe this is selfish but I miss knowing that there is a prayer going up for me every day. But there is something else I miss. And that is knowing that such a wonderfully gracious woman is out there. As I sat in the memorial service I became awed by her great love for each person she met. It was a humbling thought for me. And it proved consistant, for each story told was of the same strain, she was loving, gracious, and merciful.
I was sorry that she never go to meet my husband, yet I know she was happy for me and that means alot. I am thankful for the times I did get to spend with Grandma and I look forward to seeing her again when this life is over. She was a wonderful lady.

I also want to thank you all for being my loving Thiessen family. Each and every one of you means sooo much to me. Thank you for carying on with Grandmas love and grace. You are all wonderful roll modles for me. I Thank God for putting me in this family at birth.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grandchildren's plaques

Arnie's family ^

Ernie's family

Elmer's family

Williard and Elmer's family

Dave's family

More of dave's family

Dolores' family

Friday, February 8, 2008

I'll fly away


This was a picture at the cemetary after the dust had settled and the casket was nicely tucked away.

Closure (4 grave diggers and a grandchild)

Generally I do not like the term "closure". I think too often it forces people to stop processing the loss of someone significant. I think from a psychosocial perspective it is more like continuation or struggling or on the road, join the journey. However in the context of putting grandma's body to rest this is fitting. We had to make a few "modifications" to make the box fit into the cement vault. I met 4 of the grave diggers and exchanged names and advice. Trevor felt sorry for me and lent me his gloves. He later brought me a pair to use. Here are a few pictures of the closure process.

Follow in my footsteps

Our family plaque as many know had a family picture. In reality the only thing showing was our feet. At the gravesite I asked my two boys if they wanted to take off their boots and socks. They were hesitant given the weather but with some convincing they agreed.

A good day to be planted

The weather was -21 with a harsh wind. We all gathered at the gravesite to say our final goodbyes. It was incredible to see the grandchildren carrying grandma to the grave. Lois and Karen were at the head which I thought was very fitting as Karen has always described grandma as her best friend.