Sunday, February 17, 2008

Winter Of her Life

My Rose from Grandmas Coffin

I don't know if you all saw the plaque I put on Grandmas Coffin but I will describe it for you. I have heard since that people have wondered what my meaning was behind it.
It was a photo that I took awhile back on the farm. It is of a snow drift. Under the photo I wrote a note to Grandma. The drift had two meanings for me.

First: It signified this very winter. She missed it (I am sure to her own joy). Grandma died on the 20th. When the first day of winter this past year started on the 22nd. She didn't even start it.

Second: She died in the winter of her life. She made it to 94 years old. That is a good length of time in this day and age.

I am writting today cause I miss Grandma. And maybe this is selfish but I miss knowing that there is a prayer going up for me every day. But there is something else I miss. And that is knowing that such a wonderfully gracious woman is out there. As I sat in the memorial service I became awed by her great love for each person she met. It was a humbling thought for me. And it proved consistant, for each story told was of the same strain, she was loving, gracious, and merciful.
I was sorry that she never go to meet my husband, yet I know she was happy for me and that means alot. I am thankful for the times I did get to spend with Grandma and I look forward to seeing her again when this life is over. She was a wonderful lady.

I also want to thank you all for being my loving Thiessen family. Each and every one of you means sooo much to me. Thank you for carying on with Grandmas love and grace. You are all wonderful roll modles for me. I Thank God for putting me in this family at birth.


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